Hodor is a simple-minded stableboy at Winterfell and the great-grandson of Old Nan, an elderly servant of Winterfell. He is over seven feet tall, and a wildling supposes that he has giant’s blood. His true name is Walder; he is called Hodor because he only ever says “Hodor,” though no one can say what it means or why he says it. He is described as having a friendly, childish disposition; and, despite his size and strength, he is easily frightened. After Bran Stark is crippled in A Game of Thrones, Hodor carries him around in a sling on his back. He sometimes has difficulty taking Bran’s directions. When Winterfell is destroyed by Theon Greyjoy in A Storm of Swords, Hodor escapes north with Bran. Bran is able to use his skinchanging powers to take control of Hodor, though Hodor is frightened by the experience. Hodor is portrayed by Kristian Nairn in the HBO adaptation of the novels.[


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