Roose Bolton

Lord Roose Bolton is Lord of the Dreadfort in the North and a retainer of Lord Eddard Stark. He is nicknamed the Leech Lord because he receives regular leechings in an attempt to improve his health. He is mild-mannered and courteous, but he is cold and capable of great cruelty. Some characters state that he is incapable of emotion. He marries his third wife during A Clash of Kings (mainly because her weight in silver was the dowry) and states that he is fond of her. When she is pregnant, he comments that his illegitimate son Ramsay Snow will probably kill the child after his own death; he prefers this as Roose refuses to have a child rule the Dreadfort when he is dead. He appears to have been fond of his first son Domeric, who was accomplished. He believes that Domeric was killed by Ramsay. When Robb Stark summons his banners in A Game of Thrones, Bolton answers the call. His intelligence and calculating caution earn him the command of the northern infantry. In A Storm of Swords, he decides that the Stark cause is lost. He makes decisions that kill a large portion of Robb’s army and helps Tywin Lannister plan Robb’s death. Roose’s men help the Freys massacre the Stark army at Edmure Tully‘s wedding, and Roose himself kills Robb. For this service, he is named Warden of the North and House Bolton is made the principal house in the North. Roose Bolton is portrayed by Michael McElhatton in the HBO adaptation of the novels.


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