Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah Mormont is the former Lord of Bear Island in the North, which he inherited after his father Jeor Mormont joined the Night’s Watch to pass on the title. After winning a tourney joust, Jorah was allowed to take Lady Lynesse Hightower as his second wife. He went into debt trying to support her lavish lifestyle, and he was sentenced to death after selling poachers to slavers. Rather than join the Night’s Watch or die, he and his wife fled to Lys, where she left him to become a concubine of a rich merchant. Jorah became a mercenary and proved himself to be a capable warrior despite his age. He later becomes well-known among the Dothraki people. Though he is not descended from the Andals, the Dothraki dub him Jorah the Andal in reference to his Westerosi origin. Jorah wants nothing more than to return to Bear Island. In A Game of Thrones, he enters into the service of Viserys Targaryen and reports the movements of the exiled prince and his sister Daenerys to Varys, King Robert Baratheon‘s spymaster. He hopes that he will win a royal pardon and be allowed to return home. He eventually chooses to serve Daenerys over Viserys and becomes one of her most trusted companions. Jorah falls in love with Daenerys and stops assassination attempts caused by his reports. He eventually ends all communication with Varys. After she is widowed, he remains with her and becomes the first knight of her Queensguard.

He serves Daenerys as an adviser throughout A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords and tries to help her claim her birthright as queen of the Seven Kingdoms. He proclaims his love to her and suggests that they marry, claiming that she needs two husbands to be her dragonriders and that she will never find a more loyal man. His past deceit is eventually revealed by Barristan Selmy, and he is sent through the sewers of Meereen on a near-suicidal mission to capture the city. When he survives, he is offered a chance for forgiveness, but he defends his actions as he believes he committed no wrong. Daenerys believes him to be the betrayal for love, one of three she is foretold to experience, and reluctantly banishes him from her service. In A Dance with Dragons, Jorah captures Tyrion Lannister, planning to deliver him to Daenerys in the hopes of a pardon. However, the ship to Meereen is taken by slavers and the pair are enslaved. Jorah is beaten beyond recognition for his constant defiance and his cheek is branded with a demon to mark him as a dangerous and unruly slave; he stops physically fighting back when he learns that Daenerys is to be wed again, choosing instead to withdraw into himself and quietly ignore orders. He is bought as part of Tyrion’s mummers act, but the pair escape when their master dies in a plague. They join the mercenary company the Second Sons, who have betrayed Daenerys and are fighting against her. Jorah and Tyrion realize that the company is on the losing side and plot to convince the Sons to change sides again.Jorah Mormont is played by Iain Glen in the television adaptation of the novels.


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