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Representation Of Women In A Game Of Thrones

The Representation of Women in ‘A Game Of Thrones’

For my project I will be researching the representations of the stereotype that is women within the hit television show on HBO and the novels by George. R. Martin, ‘A Game of Thrones’. This franchise does portray women in different ways and at first it has a classic stereotype of gaining power and sexual objects but later has many storylines from women’s point of view. My research looks deeply to how women are portrayed or used within Game of Thrones, using websites and the novel itself to dive into the use of women how they are as they stereotypically would be portrayed and expanded upon women from their point of view. Game of Thrones is only for an adult audience due to violence and sexual nature which the books emphasises more than the television show with more cases and descriptions of crimes such as rape and killing of women and young children, this may be because the television show may not be able to highlight all these issues through visuals but can speak about them. Continue reading Representation Of Women In A Game Of Thrones